Still Learning

I have always been independent. I think my first full sentence was “I can do it myself”. I am stubborn when it comes to asking for help and accepting it, feel free to check with my husband if you don’t believe me.

I can do it all. I’m Super Ashley, as 4 years ago, I upgraded to SuperMum. If there is a list of 50 things, I’ve got it covered. I will stress out and be all crazy BUT I get the list done… Seems crazy right?

Cause it is.

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Today I Am Grateful For…

Confessions - Today I am grateful for...

The first time I heard about a grateful journal I was about 14 years old. My Mum was watching the almighty and wise Oprah! A couple days later my Mum handed me a notebook and told me that I should try writing 3 things a day that I’m grateful for.

Being 14 and listening to your Mum, that wasn’t too cool. I thought that writing what I was grateful down was ludicrous. How could writing down what I’m grateful for helping me? I know what I’m grateful for in my head. The thought didn’t leave me for a few days, I was thinking more and more about it. It intrigued me. I started writing in the notebook my Mum gave me.

Mother’s know best.

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Day vs. Night Crème

Confessions - Day vs. Night Crème

I use to get overwhelmed when I walk into a skincare/beauty store, or an online store. There are so many crèmes for your face. So many skin types, so many oils, use this, this is better, etc. It’s overwhelming and I end up just leaving and not solving the problem I went in for in the first place. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a very big makeup bag. 

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Reconnected, Vegas & Tiësto


I recently took a trip to Las Vegas (if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen snippets of my trip). Vegas has been on my bucket list for years. I have booked hotels a couple times and never gotten down there for various reasons. Work came up. Babies. Weddings. There was always something more important than a trip. But I finally got down there! FINALLY! It met every expectation and blew my mind on others.

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Aunt Flo, An App & FREE!!!!


I have ALWAYS been truly terrible at keeping track of my cycle. You could image how this would complicate things. When we were trying to get pregnant or trying to plan a trip, figuring out why my mood swings were so extreme, you know living life. Always counting backwards from the last date I remember (which isn’t always the last month – ha). I just can’t seem to retain all of the information I am suppose to remember. I seem to loose my mind trying to keep track of my cycle. But HEY! There’s an app for that!

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Toner, No, Not Printer Toner

Toner has a bad reputation. I think it’s because it’s misunderstood. Oh, you don’t need toner, all it does is dry your skin out! This may have been the case a couple decades ago, but toner has come a long way.

Toners are not multipurpose, in the sense that they remove cleanser residue, balance your skin’s pH levels and prep your skin for the rest of your skin care products. If you ask me, the toner is helping you the best bang for your buck when using the rest of your skin care line. For example, when you use a hydrating toner, this will help the serum and moisturiser soak into your skin better. Getting your monies worth out of those products.

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